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Business Information Systems Selling and Advertising

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Information Systems for Selling and Advertising. Answer: Introduction Rapid change in technology has made many businesses to explore new and better ways of carrying out their operations since the imposition of computers. Most businesses and companies have gone digital with their means of handling the customers, selling, advertising and even marketing. The following report will try to genuinely look into the best effective strategies and ways for online businesses to improve their marketing and sales and further explore the various network risks they face as well as giving out the best security tools to protect their product information. Improving Marketing and Sales August Online Technology can efficiently increase or boost their online marketing and sales products through first employing the following strategies in their business for excellent results to their new and esteemed customers. This is according to Sigala (2013, pp.165-180.) Optimizing their website or creating a more welcoming website. August online Technology should design a professional or well appealing website that will easily get searchable online by customers. This can be easily achieved through placing keywords within the website content about the various products of the business which will boost slowly online sales and internet marketing of the company's product. Quality keywords should be correctly written as headings or subtitles for better viewing or make them quickly noticeable when being searched. Therefore, through proper optimizing of the website will lead to the increase in marketing and sales of the business products. Another strategy to improve online sales and marketing is through regular updating of website content. As Proven by Kaplan and Haenlein ( 2010, p.63).Ensuring frequent update of old content to new ones will massively boost the marketing since the sharing of new information to customers is what makes them learn new things which will lead them to purchase. The valuable information on the website about your products and sometimes the goals and missions of the organization is what drives for more sales from customers. The instilling urgency in customer's copies is also a vital way of making them buy through at times making little-limited offers within a small period by telling them to buy now thus will boost final marketing and sales of the company. Follow up the existing customers through E-mails and respond to them whenever they need assistance or clarification to create a long-term relationship with them. The new subscribers should also be followed up after signing in through sending them to thank you notes as well as giving them relevant information they need. As clearly stated by Tauber, A., (2011.pp.464-485). The company can also boost their products sales through putting images or pictures of the real products after giving them information about what it entails since it makes it look more appealing and actual. Network Security Risk and Protection Unsecured wireless internet networks are where hackers steal information through cracking the wireless networks of the business if not well encrypted. The organization must make sure to change the default password and encrypt it with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). As said by Pearson, S., (2013. p. 26). Malicious software programs such as viruses, spyware, and Trojans which secretly install on business computers which damage the computers by deleting necessary files or letting out passwords which are used to hack customer's information. Spear phishing. They are simply network security attacks that are mainly faked to central computer analysts for them to give out their passwords or user names for stealing of the company's information or get access to it. Mostly are sent through e-mails as false information to clients who think it's true for them to reveal computer secrets such as passwords. As stated by Parmar (2012, p.9) Insider or disgruntled employees threats is security risk whereby some employees steal and sell the business information to other competitors. They can also delete the relevant messages or make it irreparable since they have access to information. Stolen or lost devices such as laptops or mobile phones at times are the security risk since some valuable information may be lost ending up losing of data to outside people who make a company have a bad reputation or disclosing the products information. Possible Tools to Protect the Products and Product Information Default password should get changed when setting up wireless data to avoid hackers to access the products information from the computers. Wireless network should also be encrypted with WPA to avoid easy viewing of the products data from outsiders as a way of product protection as described by Liu, Z. (2016 pp.198-207.) To prevent untrustworthy employees ensure responsibilities are shared or divided among employees to limit fraud without the assistance of other staff and also change passwords after every two months as well as offer strict passwords policies. For proper product protection also ensure employees not to respond to pop-up messages or spams claiming to be companies email to avoid spear phishing and revealing of companies product information. Protection of organization data should always be protected with the password and encrypted when transporting it on portable devices to safeguard the products information. 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