Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ethics and Social Responsibility Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics and Social Responsibility - Coursework Example Within a business setting, the making of ethical decisions relies on the values set by the owner for the employees. Business owners should set up an adequate plan of action that observes social ethics while setting up the business. The plan of action is a three step approach that adopts listening, communicating and recognizing skills. Stage one involves listening to employees. The relationship between the organization and employees is a critical aspect of the company. The issue of ethics does not exist in isolation. Therefore, the manager should establish a proactive approach that entails listening to their employees and getting their concerns about the situation at hand. The acknowledgement of the moral issues of employee motivates them to participate in the process. Stage two entails proper communication: The process of listening generates a lot of ideas. In return, communication offers a chance to build the ideas through understanding the failures and the progress of a company. The progress gives a manager a clear outlook of the concerns addressed in the prior stage. It also gives the manager an opportunity to comprehend the problems faced within the organization. Communication is established through public forums, one to one dialogue and electronic media. Stage three requires recognition of the accomplishments of the company. In this case, the manager recognizes the accomplishments of the employee towards the goals of the firm and adopts new ethics that can motivate employees to produce the best results. The manager uses formal initiatives, informal gestures and public recognition as a means of motivating the employee. 2. Dunkin Donuts has social and economic responsibilities to accomplish among the employees, the customers, the investors and the community at large. In an independent perspective, the company has full responsibility to the customers in order to meet its objectives. This involves ability to develop proper ethics of service delivery in the

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